Basketball Club

Basketball lessons for children from 3 years old without special selection with any level of training! We will help you to get fit and put technique, both in group lessons and individually.


Our Mission

The mission of our sports school is to create all conditions to unlock the potential of every basketball player.
Our values are:
1. To strengthen and harden the body.
2. Interesting and useful training.
3. The best sports ideals.
4. To form a strong personality, capable of overcoming any obstacles.
5. To live a sporty and emotional life!


Group classes for children

Your child studies in small groups divided into comfortable age groups
Harmonious development of physical abilities
Safe training
Sportsmanship: leadership, perseverance, determination!
From the age of 3, children start to actively interact with other children (which is a big problem nowadays) - we teach them to work as a team!


Group training for teens

Don't pull iron - go play with the team!
Improve technical skills
Development of general and special physical fitness
Learn the tactical actions of attack and defense
Participate in tournaments - you might become a star of the academy
A great alternative to the gym - profitable, interesting and prestigious!

We will help to instill a love
of sports at an early age

Even at the age of 3, children need to be introduced to basketball. We build our training on the example of developmental games. At this stage children learn to interact with each other, which is very lacking in modern children. They learn to control, throw and catch the ball - it is a training of all muscle groups, proper physical development.
All training processes are built with physical and psychological peculiarities in mind, and exercises are in play form. In addition, we have a diary where the child collects his achievements - this is the first brick in the formation of the correct self-esteem and the right strategy for success.



Mon - Sun 9:00 - 21:00
Call +34669774325

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